Repair Ancient Books in Nankai ——Nankai University Institute of Ancient Book Restoration skills Completed the First Restoration Project


On the first anniversary of its establishment, Nankai University Institute of Ancient Book Restoration skills has finished its first project, the lining and binding of “Letters of Lin Songhe”, under the work of the Institute’s students with the guidance from the Instructor, Researcher Wan Qun.

In November 2020, through the introduction of Professor Gong Ke, the former president of Nankai University, these letters were donated to Nankai University Library by Mr. Bian Xiaochun, a descendant of Lin Songhe. These 446 letters contain more than 1,000 pages, and most of them are written by Lin Songhe to his wife Liu Biyi. There are also 37 letters from Ms. Li Jishu(Liu Biyi's mother).

In 2020, Nankai University Institute attached to the National Ancient Book Restoration Center was officially established in Nankai University Library on Jinnan Campus. It will be dedicated to cultivating professional talents for ancient book preservation, inheriting and promoting excellent traditional Chinese culture. As one of the five university institutes for ancient book restoration across the country, it is the first university in Tianjin.