The Central Library



Collections and Services

East Area

Middle Area

West Area



 Self-study Room


No.4 Compact Stacks

(Low Utilization Chinese and foreign books, open stacks, for circulation)


No.1 Compact Stacks

(Chinese Preservation Books, closed stacks, not for circulation) 

No.2 Compact Stacks

 (Oversize books include art albumsclosed stacks , not for circulation) 

No.3 Compact Stacks 

(Chinese and foreign books of Liu Guojun Classification and Dewey Decimal Classification, closed stacks , not for circulation)



Office Area

Lize Exhibition Area

Reception Desk

Audio & Video Zone

Electronic Reading Room


Museum of Library History (under preparations)


Lize Reading  Room



Circulation Area of Chinese Liberal Arts Books

(A-H, Chinese Library Classification)

 Reading Area of Chinese Reference Books

Circulation Area of Circulation Area of Chinese Liberal Arts Books(I, J, K, Z, Chinese Library Classification)

Circulation Area of Foreign Liberal Arts Books(A-K, Z, Chinese Library Classification)



Circulation Area of Chinese Science Books

(N-X, Chinese Library Classification)

Circulation Area of Foreign Science Books

(N-X, Chinese Library Classification)

Reading Area of Foreign Reference Books

Reading Area of Newspapers and Periodicals 



Circulation Area of Reserved Chinese Books

(A, B, C, D, G, I Chinese Library Classification)

Reading Area of Special Collections 

Reading Area of Special Collections

(Special Bookshelves include the following: Xi Jinping: The Governance of China, Traditional Chinese culture, Books donated by Nankai University Press, Faculty/Alumni Collections of Nankai Universtiy, Personal Collections, Local Chronicles, and Published Photocopies of Minguo(1912-1949)

Circulation Area of Reserved Chinese Books (F, H, K, ZChinese Library Classification)


Rare books & Special Collections Stacks,

Rare books & Special Collections Reading Room,  

Rare books & Special Collections Exhibition Hall



 Reading Area of Dissertations & Theses;

The 7-day Study Room(one reservation for 7 days)

Leisure and Discussion Area & Lize Exhibition Area

Circulation Area of New Chinese Books



Yifu Library (Balitai Campus)


Collections and Services



101 Compact Stacks Open stacks, for circulation):Chinese Science Books (T-X, Chinese Library Classification), Foreign Science Books (low utilization), Japanese Books and Russian Books



 Reception  Desk

201 Chinese Liberal Arts Books Stacks (A-H1Chinese Library ClassificationOpen stacks, for circulation)

203 Multimedia Space



301 Chinese Liberal Arts Books Stacks (H2-I25Chinese Library ClassificationOpen stacks, for circulation),

303 Reference Books Reading Room,

Lize Special Shelf for Recommeding Books,

320 Lize Reading Space,

321 NKU Foreign Science Teaching Materials Center of Ministry of Education



401 Chinese Liberal Arts Books Stacks: (I26-K, Z, Chinese Library ClassificationOpen stacks, for circulation), 

403 Newspaper & Periodicals Reading Room

Lize Message Wall,

404 Science Books StacksOpen stacks, for circulation: Chinese Science books(N-S,  Chinese Library Classification); Foreign Science books



501 Foreign Liberal Arts Books Stacks(Open stacks, for circulation,

502 Special Collections Reading Area,

Lize Photo Wall,

Lize Exhibition Area



Wenzhong Library (Balitai Campus)


Collections and Services

Floor 1

Reception Desk

Floor 2

202 Self-study Room

Floor 3

302 Self-study Room

Floor 4

402 Self-study Room



Economics Branch Library(Balitai Campus)


Collections and Services



Reception desk

101&102 Reading Room

The 1st floor of stacks: Chinese general and reserved books(C93F-F124Chinese Library Classificationopen stacksfor circulation)

The 2nd floor of stacks: Chinese economics general and reserved books(F124- F276.5Chinese Library Classificationopen stacksfor circulation)



202 Reference Books Reading Area, 

203 Reading Room

The 3rd floor of stacks: Chinese general and reserved books(F276.6-F713.7Chinese Library Classificationopen stacksfor circulation) 

The 4th floor of stacks: Chinese general and reserved books(F713.8-Chinese Library Classificationopen stacksfor circulation) 



301 Current Periodicals Reading Room

302 Reading Room

The 5th & 6th floor of stacks: Foreign economical general and reserved books, Chinese multi-volume economical reserved books (open stacks, for circulation)