Exhibition Application 

    Nankai University Library is committed to creating a center for culture exhibition and communication. In order to carry forward the Nankai Spirit, enrich campus cultural life, demonstrate the excellent outcomes of the universitys teaching, research and campus life,  and educate students through combining service and culture, the exhibition area has been established to provide services for students and stuff of Nankai University.

    At present, the exhibition area is located in the southeast corner of the hall on the second floor of the central Library. There are 20 exhibition boards with specifications of 240cm high and 90cm wide.

    Details regarding how to apply for holding an exhibition are given in the attachment below: Exhibition Application Form of Nankai University Library

    To apply for an exhibition, please fill in the application form and then send it to nklwhtg@163.com, 

    Contact: Mr. Wang:

    Tel: 022-85358362

    Add.: Room 228, Nankai University Library, 38 Tongyan Road, Haihe Education Park, Tianjin.

     Notes: In order to ensure the normal and orderly work of the library: exhibitors must keep the evacuation passageway and safety exit unblocked; occupying evacuation passages and exits, exhibiting on the evacuation passageway, or piling obstacles that affect evacuation are strictly prohibited; sheltering fire safety facilities is strictly prohibited; exhibits shall be displayed only by hanging on the display board or the wall, and adhesive is strictly prohibited.

    Please strictly abide by the fire laws and regulations, as well as the exhibition rules and regulations of the library, and jointly contribute to a safe and sustainable exhibition environment. Thank you!

 Exhibition Application Form of Nankai University Library.docx